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Pricing & Tax

How much do the flutes cost?
All flutes are priced in GBP and exchange rates applicable at the time of payment will apply to purchases made with a different currency.

How much are your flutes?

Our flutes are priced individually based on their key and the materials used. You can find flutes and their pricing on Our Flutes page.

Exchange Rates

Exchange rates are calculated on the date of purchase according to the banking rate of exchange between GBP and your chosen currency.

Value Added Tax (VAT)

This is included within our flute pricing and is also applied to flutes sold by our partner distributors.

Customs Tax

If purchasing a flute from abroad it has been known that some countries charge customs taxes. This tends to occur when products over a certain price bracket are purchased. Please check with your own customs about these charges. Red Kite Flutes is not responsible for any additional charges incurred.

What payment methods do you offer?

We offer Paypal, Bank Transfer or over the phone using our card machine. Paypal payments will incur an additional fee which will be calculated using their guidelines. We do not accept cash payments unless in person as we can not be held responsible if money were to go missing in transit.