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Our Values

What we believe in
When we started Red Kite Flutes in 2008, we wanted to make more than beautiful, enchanting flutes. We wanted to build an all-inclusive community; our RKF family. Our mission is to give everyone the opportunity to play and enjoy music.

Our Timber

Our sustainable approach

The majority of our English timbers are sourced from our very good friend Mike. He is involved in the process from felling trees to milling and drying each piece of wood. With Mike’s experience and extensive knowledge we are able to trace each flute all the way back to where the tree was felled.

Our exotic timbers are sourced locally by a reputable Exotic Hardwood merchant that has been sourcing and selling timber for decades. They pride themselves on sourcing sustainable timbers and we use their expertise to ensure we only use timbers that are not CITES protected. This allows us to create flutes made from a colourful and varied palette that produce a diverse range of acoustic and visual tones.

As well as purchasing timber we also pride ourselves on recycling and re-purposing wood where we can. Previous examples used for flutes are: surplus Ash left over from making a garden gate and Church pews (Pitch Pine and Chestnut) that were due to be discarded by local churches looking to modernise their seating arrangements.

Our Quality

Made to last

In keeping with these principles we care about using as much of the timber as possible. Whilst there is waste, RKF try to minimise this by using as much of the timber as we can, including burr/pippy wood, knotty wood and those with superficial shakes. We make sure that what we do produce is treated so that it does not affect the sound or build quality of each flute. This may include filling burr holes with sawdust of the same species for example, or stabilising minor shakes before dipping and sealing them to ensure that with a caring owner they play for a lifetime.

Our Family

Looking after others

We believe in equal treatment of all, helping to build an all-inclusive community that we call the RKF family. We aim for thoughtfulness in everything we do. This should be felt by everyone we interact with.

Ideas inspire us, but our actions define us. When we commit to a project or goal, we are making a pact to each other to see it through. Providing quality aftercare, including flute repairs or maintenance should you have mishaps, and promoting opportunities for people – young and old – to play music is at the heart of everything we do.

We are truly successful when our customers and partners become our champions.