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Custom Orders

Want something special?
Have a look at our guide below to better understand what customisations can be made, and what the limitations are for our flutes. If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

How do I place a custom order using the site?

Custom orders as suggested are a bespoke service which will require a lot of forethought and designing with the maker. Please contact us with any design ideas you may already have and Sam will get back to you soon to begin the initial process.

What are the limitations with custom orders?

Custom flutes are taken on an individual basis and can come with their own limitations such as timber choices and designs. It is best to contact us to begin the discussion around your particular order.

Am I able to order a custom totem for my flute?

Yes. Custom totems are available for your existing flutes as well as any new orders. There will be an additional cost that is reflective of the work involved. Previous customers have added 2D animal blocks to their flute, as well as blocks with gemstones inset, crystal animal blocks and even 3D hand carved animal totems.