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General questions
We are asked a lot of different questions about our flutes and what we do. Here are some of the more common ones.

What are your opening times?

8am to 4pm GMT Monday to Friday. Otherwise please email us or contact us via social media and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Can I visit you?

Whilst we do not have visitors regularly as the workshop is in our garden it has been known in the past, please get in contact to discuss further.

Do you do repairs?

Whilst we do our best to ensure the build quality is high enough to remove the need for repairs we understand that accidents can and do happen occasionally. At RKF we are happy to attempt repairs on a case by case basis so please do get in touch.

Do you make all your flutes?

Yes is the simple answer. All of our flutes are made by hand in our garden workshop. Rest assured that love, care and attention to detail has gone into the making of each flute by our makers.

Can you personalise my flute?

Although most flutes are purchased from existing finished stock, depending on your ideas, our experience and your budget we are happy to discuss personalisation. Please be aware that personalisation will mean that we have to do additional work to the flute, meaning that it may take time to complete and finish the flute.

Can I order from overseas?

Yes. We welcome overseas orders as we are trying to grow our community far and wide. So far we have had orders from over 5 continents! See our terms on shipping and customs.

How much do custom flutes cost?

How long is a piece of string? No seriously, we are open to custom orders however cost is dependant on a variety of factors from materials used, to key (size), to detailing and time taken. Please contact us with ideas and Sam will be happy to go through details and quotes.

How long do your custom flutes take to make?

Custom flutes can vary in time taken. This is due to each flute being unique. Some detailing can add extra time, for example stripes, caps or custom totem designs all take additional time. After the initial design discussion, and depending what workload is already in progress we will have a better idea of time frame for you.

I do not play my flute much anymore, do you buy flutes back?

Yes. We purchase flutes back at half of the original sale price which could either be taken towards a new flute or simply be paid to yourself. Alternatively if you would like to help someone else you could gift your flute, or we have previously made donations to a charity of your choice for the amount we would have otherwise given to you.