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After Care

Looking after your flute
Buying one of our flutes is an investment. Once we have made your flute the life of it depends on the care and maintenence applied to it during its life. Here are a few pointers on how to get the most out of your new flute.

What are the basics of caring for my flute?

We have made your flute using materials and a finish that should require minimal aftercare. The flutes are bonded using a water resistant glue and dipped in a clear resin coating which seals the wood both inside and out acting as a moisture repellent to stop the wood absorbing moisture from your breath and splitting. Other flute makers use oils or wax which deteriorate over time however we have not had any flutes have this problem to date. This means that general care should be made not to drop or put weight on the flute, and to clean or dry after use the player should loosen the cord, remove and dry the block, dry the flu with a clean cloth and leave to air dry before retying the block in place. Flutes should be played for a maximum of 15-20 minutes unless wetting occurs beforehand at which point the above process should be followed.

What should I put on my flute to protect it?

The coating process means that flutes do not need to be oiled, however we do externally finish and buff our flutes with bees wax to give them extra protection and shine. This may come off over time leaving them dull in appearance, if this occurs you can contact us to re-finish or you can apply a little soft wax and buff with a clean dry cloth. Flutes are best kept in a cloth, felt or foam bag to keep safe. We provide a bag at the time of sale. Leather bags are not to be used as they can remove the finish from the outside of the flute.

I have had my flute for a long time and am concerned about its finish can I get it re-finished?

Yes. We have had customers send their flutes in for a service. Depending what you are looking for this could take only a little time.

My flute has had an accident can you fix it?

It is very rare that we have a flute back (less than a handful of times since Phil started over 10 years ago) however accidents do happen. Whether its over playing and extreme wetting damaged the flute or broken flutes from poorly protected cabin luggage, we have fixed both. There are limitations to our miracle worker abilities but we will always try our utmost to care for you and your flute.