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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important

1.0 Our Philosophy

  • User privacy and data protection are human rights
  • We have a duty of care to the people whose data we collect
  • Data is a liability. It should only be collected and processed when absolutely necessary
  • We hate spam just as much as you do!
  • We will never sell, rent or otherwise distribute or make public your personal information

2.0 Relevant Data Protection Legislation

This website is designed to comply with the following national and international legislation with regards to data protection and user privacy:

This site’s compliance with the above legislation means that this site is more than likely compliant with the data protection and user privacy legislation set out by many other countries and territories as well.

3.0 Personal Information We Collect And Why

This website collects and uses personal information as outlined below.

3.1 Site Visitation Tracking

Like a lot of websites, this site uses Google Analytics (GA) to track user interactions. We use this data to monitor the number of people using our site, to help to understand how they find and use our web pages, and to see their journey through the website.

Although GA records data such as your geographical location, device, internet browser and operating system, none of this information personally identifies you to us. GA also records your computer’s IP address which could be used to personally identify you, but Google do not give us access to that information. We consider Google to be a third party data processor (see section 6.0 below).

GA makes use of cookies, details of which can be found on Google’s developer guides. Our website uses the analytics.js implementation of GA.

Disabling cookies on your internet browser will stop GA from tracking any part of your visit to the pages on this website.

3.2 Contact Forms And Email Links

If you choose to contact us using any of the contact forms on this website or using an email link, none of the data that you supply will be stored by this website or passed to/be processed by any of the third party data processors detailed in section 6.0. Instead, the data will be collated into an email and sent to us over the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP).

3.3 Online Orders

If you choose to purchase something from our online shop, the name, address, email address and phone number you enter with your order will be saved to this website’s database, along with the time and date that you submitted the order. When you pay for an order, this information is encrypted and delivered over HTTPS to Paypal in order for the order processing to be completed. The shipping address you enter with your order will be used by us to send the order to you.

No credit/debit card information is stored within this website’s database. All card processing is handled by Paypal.

4.0 How We Store Your Personal Information

As detailed in section 3.3 above, if you place an order through this website, some personal information will be stored within this website’s database. These are the only occasions where personal data will be stored on this website. This data is stored in an identifiable fashion; a limitation of the content management system that this website is built on (WordPress).

No credit/debit card information is stored within this website’s database. All card processing is handled by Paypal.

5.0 About This Website’s Server

This website is hosted by Stablepoint within a UK data centre located in London.

More details of Stablepoint’s technology can be found here.

All traffic (transfer of files) between this website and your browser is encrypted and delivered over HTTPS.

6.0 Our Third Party Data Processors

We use the following third parties to process personal data on our behalf:

These third parties have been carefully chosen and all of them comply with the legislation set out in section 2.0 above.

7.0 Data Breaches

We will report any unlawful data breach of this website’s database, or the database(s) of any of our third party data processors, to all relevant persons and authorities within 72 hours of the breach if it is apparent that personal data stored in an identifiable manner has been stolen.

8.0 Data Controller

The data controller of this website is: Red Kite Flutes, a UK Private Limited Company with company number 10682677.

Whose registered office is:

28 Brookside Road,
Istead Rise,
DA13 9JJ

9.0 Change log


  • Updated server details


  • Privacy policy instigated