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Custom Flutes

Ordering a custom flute
Investing in a new instrument is an exciting, creative, and sometimes confusing process. We’re here to make your experience as easy, fun, and inviting as possible, so you can enjoy the process, get exactly what you want within your budget, and build and deliver your dream flute in a timely manner.

Custom Orders

Custom orders as suggested are a bespoke service which will require a lot of forethought and designing with the maker.

Before placing a custom order please gather any ideas, drawings or thoughts together as all information will help in the design process. Having a budget in mind is especially important as this could influence various decisions and will allow the maker to advise best on the individual’s circumstances.

Previously, custom flute owners have narrowed their key choice, deciding which tone (High, Medium or Low) they desire. This is the main consideration due to pricing being dependant on flute size and key.

From this point individuals are encouraged to think about the acoustic qualities they are hoping to achieve with their flute. This might include that they want a rich and clear acoustic tone which would help us decide that potentially a hardwood selection might be perfect.

At this stage we are then able to start discussing timber choices for flute aesthetics. As wood is a natural resource our flutes are always unique due to grain pattern and colouring, however Sam has built an extensive knowledge of materials and can help you to choose timber based on your personality. In the past Sam has helped to design flutes based on subtle preferences such as ‘character woods’, ‘exotic colours’, ‘contrasting natural timber tones’ etc.

We are aware that everyone may not know these preferences but through building Custom and Signature flutes Sam has a keen eye for turning an individual’s personality into a finished design.

The final considerations (often subject to budget) are if you might like additional embellishments such as wood bands/stripes, inlay, pyrography or even a unique animal totem block. We are happy to incorporating these into your flute designs but please be mindful that these processes are additional as they can take a lot more time, for example a hand carved animal block can take between 4- 16 hours depending on its complexity.

Please be aware that as custom flutes are bespoke, the lead time for making your item will depend on many factors, this will be discussed once final designs have been agreed.

Please use the contact details provided with any design ideas you may already have and Sam will get back to you soon to begin the initial process.

Custom Order Form

If you want to talk to us about a custom flute order, please fill in the form below and we’ll work with you to create the perfect flute for you. Please read our Custom Orders FAQ page for more details.

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