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Welcome to the home of Red Kite Flutes. As you can see from the picture of me playing a Native American flute I am not a Native American just a home grown English boy who's life was changed by these hollow bits of wood.

I would like to say that I got all fired up to do a Native American flute making course but I did not, I went along with my mate just to experience making a Wooden flute. Not being able to play a single note meant nothing as to me it was all to do with the wood.

Then it happened. I was hooked I started making my own flutes, then flutes for friends and family and then I turned a hobby into a business and not as yet looked back. I started getting to know more about the Native American culture surrounding the flute and why and how they were used. After nearly 4 years I can now regard myself as a Native American Style Flute Maker.

I like to specialise in English hardwoods although I do use a couple of softwoods, Cedar being the more popular. I also from time to time make some flutes from carefully selected exotic hardwoods which tend to be my more expensive flutes as the cost of the timber can get a little pricey at times. I make Six Hole Flutes and Drone Flutes but usually Five Hole Flutes to order only.

Most of the keys can be made and most are kept in stock but if there is something you would like, I do commission work as well. I now run my own flute making courses which I am told is good fun with a good lunch thrown in. You go away with a flute that is yours to keep and you made it. I let you choose what wood you would like to make your flute from so the whole experience is special and something you will remember forever.

Please contact me for further details if you would like to arrange a course for yourself, a loved one or a friend. I have even done a Flute Course for a husband and wife team celebrating their wedding anniversory. Two is the maximum I can teach at any one time as the size of my workshop is quite small.

As a side line I also sell Native American Flute music and The Mountain T Shirts generally with Native American designs.


Big news
I have teamed up with Cloudsong and Sunshine a couple who hail from Glastonbury. Cloud Song is a proffesional Flute player giving lessons and playing the flute at my events and Sunshine is a Spiritual Guidence practishener doing readings and helping with Sales. Sunshine is also a very accomplished artist who paints drums, I will soon be putting some pictures on the site to tempt those of you who would like to commission Sunshine to do a painting or to decorate their drums. I have had my own drum painted and to say it gave me tears is an understatement.

Cloud Song also plays the HANG which is a wonderful instrument giving several performances at my events usually drawing a large crowd.
If you would like to pre-book either a lesson from Cloud Song or a reading from Sunshine please get in touch with me soonest as spaces tend to fill up quite quickly.

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